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Independence day quotes: Wish you a very happy Independence day. So if you are searching for independence day quotes then you are at very right website. At here you can get all type of happy independence day quotes. Mainly I have provided you independence day quotes in Hindi. So all of the quotes will be in Hindi so hope you will like these quotes on Independence day.

In this post I have tried my best to include almost all of the quotes on independence day. I have find many of the best independence day quotes in Hindi from the websites, then best one I have added in this post. So you will get best independence day quotes in Hindi. These happy independence day quotes in Hindi will be best for 15 August.

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Happy Independence day quotes

You know quotes are the best things to inspire someone and eveyone. On this independence day you can inspire each and every people with the help of independence day quotes. There are many quotes which has been deliver by many people. 

Some of best quotes are deliver by Shubash Chandra Bose, he used to say that

"Give me Blood, I will give you fredoom"

People used to call him Netaji.

Some of more quotes come from our national father Mohan Dash Karam Chand Gandhi. He is one of the best and best quote Deliverer in India.

He gave some more quotes,

"English Man, Leave India."

The above world famous movement saying is invented by him.

Mahatma Gandhi Hate intolerance.

So you can get all of them quotes in this small post. There are many quotes too. So you can get all of them.
Please be on this post. We have also shared some Independence day quotes in Hindi.

Indian independence day quotes

Wow, Here in this section you will get Indian Independence day quotes. Do not worry guys in this post you will get best indian Independence day quotes.

I have collected all these quotes from many books, from many websites. So that I can deliver you one of the best things. So you can get all of these Indian independence day quotes.

quotes on independence day

So get here the quotes on independence day.

independence day quotes in Hindi

Most awaited section is here, you can get independence day quotes in Hindi. So there are many quotes sayings on Independence day in Hindi. So you can try all of them.

Dudh Mangoge to khir denge, Kasmir Mangoge to chir denge.

quotes for independence day

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