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Independence Day in USA is celebrated on 4th of July every year. This is the best festival for every United States Of American citizen. They celebrate  events in some special ways.If you are looking for Happy Independence Day USA messages, Quotes, Wishes, Speech then here you will find all these and the best one for you.

Happy Independence Day USA Messages

Are you looking for some best Happy Independence Day USA Messages Are you looking for some best Happy Independence Day USA Messages then you are really on the best platform as we will provide you some best and patriotic messages for Happy Independence Day 2015
Every year on 4th of July the whole United States Of American citizen come together to not only celebrates the Independence Day but also to pay tribute to all those soldiers who sacrifice their lives in fighting for the freedom of the nation. So this is the best day to pay tribute to the freedom fighters.Also try happy fathers day 2016 on fathers day.

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  • The independence day is the results of the sacrifices made by the great people so never forget their contribution and always cherishes their efforts. Hope the country moves ahead and strives for success.
  • Freedom fighters have brought a huge revolution in America and today we promise to free our country from violence that is spoiling its beauty and charm. Take an oath to make America the best country.
  • The sacrifices made by you will not go in vain as each individual promises to put their efforts in helping the country to become better and explore a new era that is free from corruption.
  • On this great day when everyone is celebrated, the youth should come forward and stand for their rights. Let people live a free life that is beautiful and beyond the rules. Happy 4th Of July to everyone.
  • Freedom isn’t always free; it must be achieved and appreciated to the highest extent, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.
  • Freedom allows everyone the opportunity to make our country a better place; what contributions will you make to benefit our wonderful country?
  • On this monumental day, take some time to understand why you have your freedom and independence.
  • Enjoy the fireworks and outdoor activities, but remember what those activities signify…your freedom and independence.
  • Make a decision this Independence Day to do your part in keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave.
  • This Fourth of July, proudly display your patriotism and help others understand why they are free.
  • Having freedom means you are given the chance to choose your own destiny and follow your dreams until they are a reality.
  • Freedom is not for the chosen few, but for the few who choose. Many people chose freedom above all things so that we can be free today.
  • Instead of always blaming the past, decide to be independent and determine your future on this Independence Day.
  • America will always be free until the citizens decide to stop paying for it. Are you willing to pay the price for your freedom?
  • The difference between America and other countries is that we have the chance to make our dreams a reality.
  • Instead of wondering what your country is going to do for you, decide what you will do for your country.
Independence Day is a special moment for the people of any country as the feeling of being free is definitely a different one. In order to commemorate the people behind the independence, several public as well as private events are held. Lots of people participate in it and show their love towards the country. As it is a national holiday therefore the offices as well as organizations remain close. Kids design beautiful greetings and write special wishes to greet their friends. If you are planning to wish your loved ones in a different style then prepare some good messages and send them via SMS or text.
So here is a list of best collection of Happy Independence Day USA 2015 Poems, Speeches.By listening these Happy Independence Day Poems, Speeches you could
Lady of Liberty
"The United States of America" copyright joseph p.martino
Happy Independence Day Speeches are the best one to express ones feeling and remember all those who sacrifices their lives for the shake of their country independence.
Fellow Citizens, UNTIL within a few days before that which we have again assembled to commemorate, our fathers, the people of this Union, had constituted a portion of the British nation; a nation, renowned in arts and arms, who, from a small Island in the Atlantic ocean, had extended their dominion over considerable parts of every quarter of the globe. Governed themselves by a race of kings, whose title to sovereignty had originally been founded on conquest, spell-bound, for a succession of ages, under that portentous system of despotism and of superstition which, in the name of the meek and humble Jesus, had been spread over the christian world, the history of this nation had, for a period of seven hundred years, from the days of the conquest till our own, exhibited a conflict almost continued, between the oppressions of power and the claims of right. In the theories of the crown and the mitre, man had no rights. Neither the body nor the soul of the individual was his own. From the impenetrable gloom of this intellectual darkness, and the deep degradation of this servitude, the British nation had partially emerged. The martyrs of religious freedom had consumed to ashes at the stake; the champions of temporal liberty had bowed their heads upon the scaffold; and the spirits of many a bloody day had left their earthly vesture upon the field of battle, and soared to plead the cause of liberty before the throne of heaven. Through long ages of civil war the people of Britain had extorted from their tyrants, not acknowledgments, but grants of right. With this concession they had been content to stop in the progress of human improvement. They received their freedom, as a donation from their sovereigns. They appealed for their privileges to a sign manual and a seal. They held their title to liberty, like their title to lands, from the bounty of a man, and in their moral and political chronology, the great charter of Runnimead was the beginning of the world.
Final Verdict on Happy Independence Day usa 2015

Independence  Day USA 2015 Messages | Quotes | Wishes | Independence Day Poems | Independence Day Speech

generate a feeling of patriotism in your hearts and at least remembers all those who had done a lots by sacrificing their lives in fighting for the freedom of the country

lady of liberty and mother of freedom and justice to all,......
who offers her welcome to whomever may call,
be them rich, poor or oppressed,....
she stands watch in the in her robes,so dressed,...
....a gift of friendship from france to the u.s.
dedicated in 1886 and designated a national monument in 1924,.....
a historic landmark to it's very core.
she passed her torch from bedloe's to the renamed liberty island,...
...never frowned,.....
but,kept on smiling.
she raised her torch of eternal light and freedom upward
toward the heavenly clouds,......
evoking cries and tears of emotion from the visiting crowds.
so, thanks to the great genius of bartholdi and eiffel our symbol
of freedom still stands by the bay,.....
to signal to all passing through, that liberty,justice and the
pursuit of happiness and opportunity in america is here to stay,......
in the good ole u.s.a.

Statue of Liberty
America, My Hometown:
A Poem by Joseph P. Martino
America, My Hometown
"When I travel about this great nation, I never cease
to frown,…. for wherever I seem to land and settle,
I call……
America, my hometown
When I cross the Golden Gate in Frisco Bay, the western
States, the Rockies and great plains, my heart wells up
with pride,….from emotions felt deep inside, and my tears
become so hard to hide.
America, my hometown.
From the golden shores and shining cities of the west and along the sandy shores towns and villages of the GARDEN STATE things still look simply great.
all through colonial new england and up to rugged coastline of the great State of Maine.
our peoples’ quest and dreams of liberty ,and freedom
still remain the same.
for justice,freedom and liberty for all, still ring true today,…..
just as the liberty bell, in our founders’ yesterday.
America, my hometown.
Along the mighty Mississippi from Minneapolis to
New Orleans,….our country’s morality and
patriotic spirit is alive and well, just as all our
other great and noble dreams.
America,my hometown.
Our founders’ vision of liberty and freedom in our country still lives
on today,throughout our nation in cities,both large and small and
along main street U.S.A.
as Lady LIberty stands ever vigilant atop her pedestal on the Bay as our founding fathers dream of
liberty and freedom still live on, to this very day.”
America, my hometown.
God bless America!!!!

The United States of America, no more powerful words ever written or said.
A nation born of revolution and framed and formed by our founding fathers.
Meaningful words such as: Freedom, Liberty and Justice still prevail, ringing out loud and clear…as the American symbol of independence, The Liberty Bell, did in our founders yesteryear.
Lady liberty stands ever vigilant, high upon her pedestal overlooking the harbor, adorned in her flowing robe, crown and flaming torch and arm raised aloft in her hand…America, just like our Lady Liberty, has never denied the American dream and gift of asylum to those seeking a better life in this great land, for when it comes Freedom and Liberty Americans and America will never deny or look the other way, nor bury their heads in the sand.
America offers all a refuge and haven to all the oppressed and downtrodden masses of the world for, it does not make a difference to this great nation and her people if you’re rich, poor, ethnicity, or language that one speaks or continent you’re from, the only thing we ask is your allegiance and love of America as you follow the beam of light that that Lady Liberty shines along the path that leads to her welcoming front door.
227 years ago...on July 4th, 1776
This great nation, the United States of America,
In a struggle for what was right and free,
Was proudly born...
May we celebrate that precious freedom
For which our forbears fought so bravely...
The freedom that is inherent
In the Stars and Stripes, our revered flag...
Celebrate Freedom
This Fourth of July!
Independence Day
I know it's hard for you
I guess that's the way it must be
It's kinda rough on me, too
but time is out now, don't you see?
The day has come now
when I must tell you goodbye
I'm going to manage somehow
either to survive or to die
I'm leaving now
don't ask me why
I've got to get out of here
I'll spread my wings
and try to fly
and if I fail
I'll hit the ground and die
I put no blame on you
but there's no way that I could stay
I guess you already knew
it is my independence day
It is sad to grow up
and see everything disappear
but you can't make the world stop
I've got to get rid of my fear
I'm leaving now
don't ask me why
I've got to get out of here
I'll spread my wings
and try to fly
and if I fail
I'll hit the ground and die
Hanne Munkholm

From the earliest ages of their recorded history, the inhabitants of the British islands have been distinguished for their intelligence and their spirit. How much of these two qualities, the fountains of all amelioration in the condition of men, was stifled by these two principles of subserviency to ecclesiastical usurpation, and of holding rights as the donations of kings, this is not the occasion to inquire. Of their tendency to palsy the vigor, and enervate the faculties of man, all philosophical reasoning, and all actual experience concur in testimony. These principles, however, were not peculiar to the people of Britain. They were the delusions of all Europe, still the most enlightened and most improvable portion of the earth. The temporal chain was riveted upon the people of Britain, by the conquest. Their spiritual fetters were forged by subtilty working upon superstition. Baneful as the effect of these principles was, they could not forever extinguish the light of reason in the human mind. The discovery of the mariner’s compass was soon followed by an extension of commercial intercourse between nations the most distant, and which, without that light beaming in darkness, to guide the path of man over the boundless waste of waters, could never have been known to each other; the invention of printing, and the composition of gunpowder, which revolutionized at once the art and science of war and the relations of peace; the revelation of India to Vasco de Gama, and the disclosure to Columbus of the American hemisphere; all resulted from the incompressible energies of the human intellect, bound and crippled as it was by the double cords of ecclesiastical imposture and political oppression. To these powerful agents in the progressive improvement of our species, Britain can lay no claim. For them the children of men are indebted to Italy, to Germany, to Portugal, and to Spain. All these improvements, however, consisted in successful researches into the properties and modifications of external nature. The religious reformation was an improvement in the science of mind; an improvement in the intercourse of man with his Creator, and in his acquaintance with himself. It was an advance in the knowledge of his duties and his rights. It was a step in the progress of man, in comparison with which the magnet and gunpowder, the wonders of either India, nay the printing press itself, were but as the paces of a pigmy to the stride of a giant. If to this step of human advancement Germany likewise lays claim in the person of Martin Luther, or in the earlier, but ineffectual martyrdom of John Huss, England may point to her Wickliffe as a yet more primitive vindicator of the same righteous cause, and may insist on the glory of having contributed her share to the improvement of the moral condition of man.
So I hope that these Happy Independence Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Speeches, Poems will help you to inculcate the patriotic feeling in your hearts and pay some tribute to all those who sacrifices their live for the freedom of their country