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When is Fathers day in 2016 in USA, UK, Canada? Are you searching for the date of fathers day 2016? Then you are at right place here we have mentioned year and dates for the fathers day. This date of fathers day has verified the date of fathers day 2016. As we know that fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the June month every. So this year (2016) fathers day will be also celebrated on third Sunday.

Fathers Day 2016 Date

Fathers Day 2016: 19th June 2015, Sunday

When was fathers day in 2015

Third Sunday of June: 21st June 2015

When is fathers Day 2015
When is Fathers day in USA & UK
When is Father’s day this Year

Calendar of Father’s Day

The next years date for the Father’s day celebration. On the following dates, there are maximum numbers of the country celebrating father’s day. So here is the list of “When is father’s day“ in USA UK and around the world in next years-

When is Father’s Day in 2016: 19th June 2016
When is Father’s Day in 2017: 18th June 2017
When is Father’s Day in 2018: 17th June 2018
When is Father’s Day in 2019: 16th June 2019
When is Father’s Day in 2020:  21st  June 2020
When is Father’s Day in 2021:  20th June 2021
When is Father’s Day in 2022: 19th June 2022

Country wise Date of Father’s Day

February 23
Father’s Day in Russia
March 19
Father’s Day in Andorra, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Mozambique, Bolivia, Honduras, Croatia, Croatia.
May 8
Republic of Korea (Parents' Day)
Second Sunday of May 

Father’s Day in Romania
Third Sunday of May

Father’s Day in Tonga
Third Sunday of June

There is a huge number of the country celebrates Father’s day on third Sunday of the June countries like USA, UK, INDIA and many more.

Tips for fathers day: 
 Here is a tip for father's day for everyone that please celebrate father’s day and tell your father that how he is important in your life and how much you love him. You can try out gifts also.

Conclusion of Father’s Day date: 
As we have seen the date of ‘When is Happy Father's Day’ varies according to the country. So we can say that every country has their specific date for the father’s day celebration.
They have also their own specific reason for the date of father’s day. Some of the countries celebrate father’s day in February, some of the in March, Some of on the first Sunday of May and some of on the third Sunday of June. Happy fathers day 2016

Father's Day is a celebration for fathers and celebrating fatherhood, to show love to our fathers and the influence of fathers in society.

The date of father day is not fixed because many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June though it is also celebrated widely on other days by many other countries. Father’s day is created inversely of ‘Mother Day’ that is celebrated for the mother and mother love.
As we know that the date of father’s day is not fixed, mainly father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the June every year and many other countries celebrate father’s day on another date also. So this year in 2016 father’s day is on  Third Sunday of June. 

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Fathers Day 2016 

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