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Short Fathers Day Essay

Happy father's day essay in short words is good to use on this fathers day. Students can use these fathers day essay in their classroom or on the event of fathers day in their school. So short father's day essay are important. Now come to the collections of short father's day essay

short essay on happy fathers day

Short Essay On Happy Fathers Day 2017 In English

We are going to serving short happy father's day essay in English especially for you. Choose one of the essays and write it on happy fathers day cards or write it as a note and remember these short father's day essay. If you will remember this fathers day 2017 short essay then you can say these happy fathers day 2017 short essay anywhere loudly.

What my Father means to me

When I have nothing to do my dad always has a game up his sleeve. If it is raining cats and dogs we sometimes play, playing cards or a board game. If it is sunny outside, we play with the Frisbee or I climb in the sea grape tree in the back of our house and see how long I can hang from a branch!
Sometimes I ask myself what makes a great dad? It is not really about what a father does for you, it is really a caring and loving heart that makes an awesome father. That is what I think makes a real dad.
My dad is special to me because he helps my mom take care of my brother and me. Also, when we are up to mischief he tells us what to do!
I love my dad because he is helpful to my brother and me. Sometimes he helps me with my homework when I get a little rusty. He helps my brother find something to do while I try to concentrate on doing my homework. Also, when my mommy is sick my dad is always there to comfort me around hard times.
Sometimes I wonder why are dads important. My dad is important because without him I don’t know what I would do. This is how I would put it. If I need comfort my mom gives me comfort but if my mom needs comfort who is going to comfort her? So my dad plays a big part in the family. That is why dads are important
Jelani Morrison, 10

My Superman

My dad is not a superhero to the world, but he’s the superman in my family.
My father is more than special; he’s a one in a million dad. Every day he works hard to keep me happy and safe. When I look at my dad each day I see the man I want to be. That’s what makes him extra special to me.
He is important; his love for me is like what oxygen is to live. There is nothing too big he wouldn’t do, no sacrifice too huge that he wouldn’t make. I think of this all more than makes him great.
I follow him around all the time, hoping to learn all I can from him. I love how patient he is with me, even when things get technical he finds a way to make me learn it is the simplest way. I love doing things with him, like going to baseball together, the park, choir practice and most of all listening to him read to me before I fall asleep.
Sometimes I think he is an angel sent from God just for me, I love my dad and I know he loves me too. I wish everyone would experience a bond like this, I love you daddy and you are the best.
James Ebanks, 8

What my Dad means to me

My dad is the reason I try to do well in class. He inspires me to want to do my work, he tells me what’s right from wrong and he scolds me when I am wrong.
At nights, we play cards while my mom’s asleep and he’s the one that tucks me in. Before he does we lay down in my bed and I put my head on his chest and we watch “Jessie” until I fall asleep.
My dad has an interesting job. He works as a photographer on one of Captain Marvin’s boats named “The Tortuga”. He works with Captain Chris. He takes pictures of tourists holding or kissing stingrays at Stingray City. I like his job because I sometimes go with him to learn how to snorkel and I make new friends too.
My daddy is the one that cooks my breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time. My favorite dish is the Chicken Alfredo Pasta. He is an excellent cook. Maybe he should have been a chef instead.
My mom has a video of my birth and I was given a chance to watch it. From that moment when I saw the look on my dad’s face, I knew that he fell in love with me. He was the first person I smiled with and I knew that he was my superhero.
Vashti O’Connor, 8

My amazing Father

My life is full of joy and laughter when he is around; he treats me like a princess. Another man like him can never be found. He is special, there is no doubt.
My father is my friend and my confidant. I can share everything with him without a tear. We have a special bond and I thank God every day for making him the person he is.
Even though my daddy is the most hard working man I know that’s not what makes him most important. He is important to me because he makes time to keep his family happy and feeling loved. My father has all the qualities for a great dad. Even though he is my friend, he keeps me in line all the time.
I love my daddy; I wish to find a husband just like him when I grow up, a man with virtue, honesty, who’s loving, kind and true. My father, he’s my hero; he is my role model for life.
Jamie Ebanks, 8'

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