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Happy fathers day quotes: Welcomes you on the post of happy fathers day quotes. First of all wishing you a very happy fathers day to you and your family. Today is fathers day 2016 and we are celebrating happy fathers day 2016. Fathers day is specially celebrated for the father. You can use the following happy fathers day quotes for your dad on this happy fathers day. So here we are going to providing you happy fathers day quotes collections for your dad. Hope you will like all these fathers day 2016 quotes

  • Humb|e, re$erved, p@tient, and $weet. Y0u’re @ perfect gent|em@n, @ terrific d@d, @nd ex@ctly h0w we sh0uld @ll h0pe t0 be! H@ppy F@ther’s D@y!
  • Y0u’re $o much m0re th@n ju$t @ “hu$b@nd”. You’re @ p@rtner in my l!fe th@t | v@lue more th@n you know. Y0u’re the f@ther 0f my ch!ldren wh0m I’ve w@tched l0ve them s0. Y0u’re everything I h0ped f0r t0 help in r@i$ing @ f@mily. Y0u’re my hu$b@nd, my fr!end, the l0ve th@t I’ll @lw@ys need. H@ppy Father’s Day!

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  • You m@ke me h@ppy! You m@ke our children h@ppy. You’re @ gre@t f@ther, @ gre@t hu$b@nd, @nd @ gre@t m@n. We @ll l0ve y0u, de@rly! H@ppy Father’s Day!
  • I @m gr@teful f0r h@ving you !n my l!fe. With0ut y0u I d0n’t kn0w who’d I’d be or wh@t I’d be d0ing. Y0u h@ve kept me gr0unded @nd been @ r0ck f0r 0ur f@mily. I l0ve y0u @nd @ppreci@te y0u. Y0u me@n the w0rld t0 me! H@ppy F@ther’s D@y TO My Hu$b@nd
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  • Y0u h@ve $o much to g!ve to @ child. You’re going to be @ wonderful f@ther. 
    Happy Father’s Day!
  • There i$ @n excitement th@t come$ with h@ving @ b@by. We @ll h@ve it @nd c@n’t w@it f0r the little 0ne t0 get here! H@ppy Father’s Day To The Dad-to-Be!
  • Gre@t th!ngs t0 c0me with y0ur little 0ne. Be prep@red f0r the w0nderful t!me$ @nd fun! H@ppy F@ther’s Day To The F@ther-to-Be!
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