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Happy Fathers day Messages & SMS 2016Welcome to the post of happy Fathers day 2016 messages and also fathers day SMS of 2016. If you are searching about "Fathers day messages" and fathers day SMS then you are most welcome and you are at right post. In this post we are going to serving you top happy fathers day messages of 2016 and also fathers day SMS collections of 2016.

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On this fathers day you can use fathers day messages and also fathers day SMS to wish happy fathers day to your DAD. Now one question is risen that how to wish happy fathers day with fathers day messages and fathers day SMS?

Choose one or more 2016 fathers day messages and Fathers day SMS from the below collections. Then select that full happy fathers day messages and copy that fathers day SMS and Fathers day messages. After copying happy fathers day 2016 messages and SMS, Paste that copy content in the messages compose box and now send it to your Dad.

Happy fathers day Messages 2016

In the following collection we are going to serving you the best collections of happy fathers day messages 2016

Dear Daddy
I love you so much,
I wish I could prove it to you.
I don't know where to start,
all I want to do is prove that I can do all I wish for
and all you wish for me to do.
I also want to prove that I can put my way through to the next level.
If so it be, may god help me and you and see you through. 
I sent this song though Father's Day is on third Sunday of June. I believe I have not been living up to your expectations. I hope you keep on praying for me.
Have a pleasant and wonderful day.

Dear Papa
Thank you 4 everything. We may not have said it often, but how could we let this day go by without saying how much you mean to us. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank You.
Lots of Luv

Dear Dad
How are you? 
I miss you so much after coming to Delhi. Take care of Mama and yourself. I wish I could spend more time with you when I came down to Bangalore. Staying away from you I have realized the importance of you in my life. Thank you for loving and caring for me so much. 
Yours lovingly

Happy Fathers day SMS 

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hi papa, 
aba'y laksi ang loob hapi papa's day...muahh,,, it's me jayanth 

Fathers are like the candles they make daylight out of darkness.
A father is someone who is concerned with every thing we do.

Dear beloved father,
This Year will be the fifth year without you.When ever I see my friends with their father I am little bit jealous because all friends enjoy with their father and I don't have you with me.I ask God why did you take my father away. When I lost my father I was hardly 10 yrs. Baba I miss you very much.
Nikita vineet

Dear Dad,
For u r the one,
For u r the one God counted on
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world, for he
Knew i'll always need someone to talk to when no one is there for me!
Love you dad!
Animan Randhawa 

We wish we could tell you Daddy,
that how much you mean to us....
We have no words to say about
how much we appreciate you...
how much we admire you...
how much we thank you
for everything you've done.
We love you so much Daddy...
Happy Father's Day
Sonal, Yash

Hi Dad,
You are the best. I love you so much. I don't think that even if I searched the world for years and years and years I would find someone that is as caring, as thoughtful, as hardworking as you. I love you. Happy Father's Day Dad! 

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