Happy Fathers Day 2016 WhatsApp Status, Messages, Sms

I am here to celebrate this Amazing Day of the world Happy Fathers Day to share with you fathers day Messages , SMS and Whatsapp Status , Actually Before Girlfriend father and mother is always be our first love and according to Human Mind nobody can forgot to his/her first love . actually if you are a girl or boy no matter but you are a baby of your father so we should always celebrate this fathers day celebration.

Happy Fathers Day 2016 WhatsApp Messages

I love you dad. I know I have been rude many a times. Sometimes, you might feel that I just don’t care. Today, I want to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy Fathers Day dad. You are my world. Thanks for being there always!
Dad, this is our first Fathers Day together and the start of many many more. I Love you Daddy. You are the best daddy in the whole world. Lots of love and hugs. Happy Father’s Day 
Because you are always thought about in such a special way, because you always do so much to brighten any day. Because you bring such happiness to others all year through, this wishes on Father’s Day are specially meant for you. Happy Fathers Day! 
Love your parents and treat them with loving care…For you will only know their valueWhen you see their empty chair…Thanks for being there through the tears, laughter and dirty diapers. 

Happy Fathers day 2016 WhatsApp Sms

Here are some collection of Whatsapp SMS dedicated to show your love with DAD (father) i want to make this day special with whatsapp to celebrate Happy Fathers Day 2016 .

Delightful And Loving,Loved And Admired,Dad, You’re My Hero,My Life You’ve Inspired. And When All My BlessingsAre Counted Each Day,I Thank God In HeavenFor Dad When I Pray. Dad Thanks For Your PresenceThroughout Thick and Thin;you’re More Than A Parent,You’re My Wonderful Friend.Happy Father Day
It is easier for a fatherto have children thanfor children to have a real father. 
Daddy no one can describein words what a father means. 
Happy father’s day daddy,And remember i love you Dad. 
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