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Korean Fathers Day: "happy fathers day" first of all. Are you looking For "When is Parents day in Korea", "Short history of parents day" and all tips about parents day then your search is going to end because finally you are at right post. Here We are going to tell everything about "Happy parents day" and "Parents day in Korea". So get excited and Let's start a parents day journey.
When is parents day in korea

Short History of Parent's Day

Parents are one of the most valuable gifts provided to us by the god. Because of our parents, we come to this world. They are the one who does a lot of sacrifices for us but does not demand any thin to us. So it is our duty also that gives our parents some tribute and in order to pay tributes to our parents, the whole world celebrates parent’s day. On the other hand, the day of celebration is different in different countries across the world. Some countries also celebrate happy fathers day and MOTHERS DAY separately. This is the one day to do something for our parents and make them feel happy. This is the day when everyone should make their efforts to do something special for their parents. In our whole life our parents fulfill our demands So on this occasion we should have to fulfil the demands of our parents.


 KOREA is one of the countries of Asia and in Korea only PARENTS DAY is celebrated instead of separate MOTHERS DAY and Happy Fathers  Day. In KOREA parent’s day is celebrated on 8th of May every year. The starting of the celebration of parents day is from the mid-1930s. It.It is celebrated by both the government as well as the people of this country. The government also provides Award to the parents who make their children success. On MAY 1956, the state council of South Korea designated 8th as the annual MOTHERS DAY then the demand of FATHERS DAY raises up by the people of KOREA. Therefore on MARCH 30, 1973 8th MAY was declared as the annual PARENTS DAY combining both MOTHERS DAY as well as FATHERS DAY. When PARENTS DAY was established the entire week with 8th MAY was designated as the week to respect the elders. However, this again abolished in 1997 and October became the month to designate to respect the elders.


If I talk about the gift that we should present to our parents then it’s not possible for anyone to presents any gift to his/her parents that will equalizes the amount of efforts and cares that our parents give to us but on this special day at least by providing some gifts to our parents we can make our efforts to make this day something more special for us as well as our parents. The gift could be a different one for our mothers and fathers on this happy fathers day.
We can present gifts like clothes watches, mobile phones, shoes. But if our budget is good then we can also present vehicles to our papa so that he can go easily to his office. We can also take our papa out for dinner and celebrate this special day in some different ways. But if I talk about the gift of our mothers then it will be totally different one. She is the one who takes care of the whole house and cook food for us. So the most valuable gift to our mother is that we can perform the whole work of our house on this day .we also cook food and present to our mothers. We can also provide jeweler to our mothers.
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Final words on "Parent's day"

Here we tried to provide you "When is parents day in Korea" "Parents day short history" and "Parents day Gift ideas" I hope this article will help you to celebrate parent’s day and please do something special to your parents on this day and pay tributes to their sacrifices.